About Us


We are a community of Canadian fintech entrepreneurs eager to demonstrate the lost art of truly helping Canadian consumers without a hidden sales agenda. To this end, we offer on this site:

1. Helpful blog posts by our financial professional members

2. Our Facebook page where ideas, comments & suggestions can be discussed with our members

3. Education based guidance designed to help consumers avoid the consequences of sales driven advice and our Canada wide reality of public financial illiteracy


Recently, Canadians are learning more about personal financial and credit management, the importance of ensuring records such as personal credit reports are accurate and how to maintain documents in ways which can help in this regard. We are just beginning to see some schools initiating conversations with students and their guardians in an effort to create a forum where young people can make comments, ask questions and plan for their financial futures.



The members of C.C.C.M. come from diverse backgrounds with different areas of interest and specialty but where we converge is on the subject of (1) Canadian consumers understanding of how to manage their financial affairs, particularly after experiencing hardship for any reason, (2) our education system which has completely ignored the subject of personal financial and credit management and (3) provincial legislation which fails to fully understand how to integrate the rights of Canadian consumers with existing legislation such as the Access to Information Act and The Personal Investigations Act.

We hope that this has peaked your interest and we welcome all comments, inquiries, stories of success and calls to action in support of individuals in need.

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