Financial Literacy Month

Hey fellow Canadians!

Has it been a year already? Like I always say: Let’s make it a learning experience.

Here are the main things I feel all Canadians should know beginning in childhood-

Credit Management

Our personal credit history, or lack of, is reported by Equifax and Trans Union to it’s paid subscribers in the form of a personal credit report.

Our personal credit report is used for a lot more than assessing credit applications. We are also judged by employers, landlords, cell service providers, etc. They judge our levels of responsibility and maturity based on what they see and once we are judged poorly we may not get a chance to explain.

You can learn about using receipts to keep your credit report accurate, the importance of auditing your own credit at least every 12 months and develop an understanding that credit should only be used to leverage yourself not as a piggy bank.

Record Keeping

Self explanatory but needs to be understood and practiced starting in childhood. Here are some tips

Savings and Debt Reduction

Here are some tips

Financial Environment

The decisions we make lead to habits and tendencies which create a Financial Environment and getting it right is the difference between success and failure. I speak more about this here.

Hope you enjoy!

Derek G. Boucher

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