Free Daybook (bookkeeping) Templates

Free Daybooks Templates Link

Hello self-employed friends!

Many individuals become self employed because they are extremely skilled at providing a particular product or service, however, many put much less time into ensuring they are equally skilled at actually running a business properly.

Getting stuck owing personal or corporate income tax, GST/PST/HST, payroll deductions, etc is not fun and can often translate into other types of debts when improper strategies are applied. This is often how the process of accumulating bad debt and weak credit begin, the cost of which is very real and consequential.

To help you all, I provide the following free forms which are all you’ll ever need to properly keep books for your small to medium sole proprietorship, corporation or charity. Simply click on the “Daybook Templates” link at the top of the blog entry, open, scroll to the top to see the templates and click from tab to tab to see the different forms you will need. Save a copy on your computer or network when customized or save and go back to it later if you prefer then fire your book keeper. Nothing against your bookkeeper personally but the investor (i.e. your spouse) is demanding a better ROI ;P .

Enjoy and let me know if this helps or interests you.

IMPORTANT: My templates are not to be sold. You understand and agree that no advice is given, received or implied simply by the use of my templates.




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