High Interest or Leverage Opportunity?

Hi folks! As summer warms things up I’d like to pass on some advice that will warm up your ability to not only recover from financial hardship but PROSPER in the shortest time possible.

Let’s talk strategy!

You have $15,000 in overdue credit card debt which, as some of you may know, I would have settled for $9000 and I would help you update your Equifax and TransUnion reports so you see rapid credit improvement in 12 months.

A loan for $9000 at 15% interest costs $1262.57 in interest during the first 12 months. The total interest over 5 years (60 months) would be $3846…


…You shouldn’t stay unnecessarily comfortable for four years after the initial 12 month credit repair stage.

You should “exit to A” which means be prepared to graduate to a less expensive bank loan at the end of month 12.

Therefore in month 13 your balance is $7693.12 at est. 6.25% rate making your total interest paid in year two $442.50

Continuing above for 2 more years to complete the loan costs another $351.05

Using this strategy the borrower would have paid a total of $2056.12 in interest to pay off a loan of $9000 over four years which is exactly the same as paying an interest rate of 8.41% on $9000 over five years

PLUS……you get the initial $6k in settlement savings and properly rebuilt credit along with all of the benefits of strong credit.

Yep do it THAT way! 😎



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