Hi folks! Today let`s make sure everyone is clear about what a successful debt consolidation should accomplish.

The benefits of getting this exactly right are far reaching and the quality of the strategy and how it`s implemented WILL effect the quality of your life in a big way.

Debt consolidation does not always require a loan. Any money from any source will do. What you need to be prepared for is that not all change is good. Only undo what isn`t helping you and only add what will help you.

In many ways, a successful debt consolidation should be like fixing a broken bone. You wear a cast only long enough to perfectly repair the damage, then you move on stronger than before.


  • Consumer inquires to service provider, receives free consultation to explain service benefits and is referred to service providers secured website
  • Consumer provides CASL compliant summary of information and supporting documents to service provider
  • Service provider analyzes new account and presents customized solution strategy to consumer
  • Service provider arranges new money (i.e unlock failing RRSP, arrange financing, consumer sells property, etc)
  • Consumer’s debts are paid in full or settled in full as arranged
  • Service provider gathers creditor receipts, drafts manual credit update package and provides all to consumer with easy mailing instructions
  • Service provider follows up with consumer to ensure consolidation exit strategy is understood (usually in 12 months)
  • Exit strategy is implemented

I hope this has helped and motivated you to learn more. The links provided in this post are designed to guide you to what works. Feel free to email or hit me up on Facebook for more assistance.

Cheers for now!


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