The Art of Communicating

Hi folks!

It’s time to communicate about…communicating.

That might sound weird. Kind of like a practice for a practice (highly recommended!).

Look – at this moment, we all have needs. Financial needs, yes, but we have to nurture our total well-being and that involves communicating. Listening and being heard or better, UNDERSTANDING and being UNDERSTOOD. Right?

I try to communicate to provide solutions to problems experienced by others. Often, the problem we’re experiencing today is on a topic where we could use improvement or a policy review is needed. Working on problem areas feels like a heavy weight and the first half is no fun BUT once addressed, the old issue can be your new best skill or the solution may hold some value to you. Even deciding how to avoid the same problem in the future feels good and is an accomplishment. Document these things.

I hope this helps you and that you found it interesting.

In light of our new mutual agreement to all work on communicating, if I have ever failed to communicate with any of you in any way, for any reason I assure you it was not intentional and I welcome hearing from you anytime!

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